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Chimney Cleaning / Sweeping Service in Warrington, St Helens, Widnes, Runcorn & Liverpool 
Chimney Cowls Fitted
Chimney CCTV Inspections
Insurance Approved Certificates Issued
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R​egistered member of the Institute of Chimney Sweeps
the UK's largest chimney sweeping association 


Fixed Prices (no adittional mileage or hourly charge) 
  1. Standard Chimney Sweep
    This includes power or brush sweeping, smoke draw test and issue of insurance approved certificate.
  2. Bird or Squirrel Nest Removal
    includes a full Standard Chimney Sweep and inspection with CCTV to ensure all debris/blockages have been removed.
  3. Inglenook Open Fireplace
    This includes power or brush sweeping, smoke draw test and issue of insurance approved certificate.
  4. More Than One Chimney?
    £10 discount for every subsequent chimney sweep at the same address.
  1. Chimney Cowls
    See cowls page
    Supplied and fitted
  2. Carbon Monoxide Detector
    £ 35.00
    Supplied and fitted
  3. Smoke Alarm Detector
    Supplied and fitted
  4. Smoke Sound Test and CCTV Inspection
    Report and video footage is supplied electronically at the time of the inspection
Under normal circumstances we usually require 30 -60 minutes to fully complete the average sweep
Please allow 12hrs for your chimney to cool before  your appointment and 24hrs + for Solid Fuel Range Cookers.
We require access to a live socket and a work area of 1.5 m2  / 5ft2 in front of the fireplace for our equipment (Even if the work is external we will still need access indoors to contain debris/soot and inspect the appliance internally).
We protect all soft furnishing and carpets within the vicinity of the fireplace with clean dust cloth's and use an industrial HEPA filtered vacuum to contain dusts.  We would however advise that any delicate objects including furniture in the immediate vicinity be moved or protected as a precaution, this is not normal required, however there can be exceptions and it is always best to be prepared, in most cases the fireplace is left cleaner than when we arrived.

When we make an appointment with you we will give you a time slot i.e: 8am -10am. We will at all times try our best to meet your time slot, however we may encounter problems at an earlier appointment or traffic problems en-route. Should this happen we will endeavour to keep you informed of time changes, if the re-scheduling on the day does not fit in with you we will re-book  “at your convenience” for another appointment.
If for any reason you cannot keep to your appointment please inform us by phone, at least 24 hours before your allocated time.  If we turn up within the allocated times and are not able to gain entry to the property a nominal charge for time and traveling expenses will be made, (We are flexible with this In emergencies but please try to inform us).
Most birds, their nests and eggs are protected by law and the penalties for deliberately destroying active nests are now quite severe. We will not remove active nests (the young must be allowed to leave the nest before taking any action) during the breeding season (May to August) . 
Chimney stacks, pots and cowls are designed to withstand the chimney sweeping process, if a pot or cowl breaks or becomes dislodged during the sweeping process due to age or structural defects we cannot take any responsibility. We will wherever possible eliminate this risk by inspecting the pot  from the ground or using CCTV internally. In the unlikely event of a mishap arising, we will endeavour to carry out any remedial work necessary, replace and repair to the best of our ability and at a reduced charge to the home owner.

Questions answered  and information about the sweeping process