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Do you need your Chimney Swept?
Cheshire Fire Brigade recommends that your chimney undergoes yearly inspections and cleaning to ensure that it is kept safe and fit for purpose. Without regular cleaning soot and creosote can build up, which is one of the major causes of chimney fires. Chimney fires can lead to damage, cracks and holes in the chimney, which could reduce the extraction capabilities and allow  hazardous gases and fumes to enter your home.
​​The latest statistics show that there are approximately  7,000*  chimney fires a year in England ,  most of these are preventable.
About 40** people die each year, with some 4,000** people needing treatment in accident and emergency from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning across England and Wales.

To keep yourself and your family safe from fire and deadly hazardous gases you should take care to have your chimney swept regularly, especially before the colder winter months set in and you begin to use your fire and chimney again.
How often should you clean your chimney?​
Oil​ - Once a year*
Gas​ - Once a year*
Bituminous coal - Twice a year*
Wood ​- Up to four times a year (if constantly used)*
Smokeless coals​ - At least once a year*
Remember Clean Chimney's are Safe Chimney's!
*Referenced from the Cheshire Fire Brigade website.
** Referenced from the Health Protection  Agency.